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Digital Recordings offers a wide range of products in audio and acoustics. For more detail on each product, and for information on how to order, refer to its respective WWW page by clicking on the name or picture of the product. All of Digital Recordings' products are made in Canada and the USA.

Digital Audiometer -- Computer software that allows precise testing of hearing ability, using a personal computer. No proprietary hardware is required for hearing testing. WWW Hearing Test The first fully web-based hearing testing. Various versions from Basic to Professional hearing tests are available.
Digital Tinnitus Test -- Computer software that allows precise testing of tinnitus and hearing ability, using a personal computer. WWW Tinnitus Test The first fully web-based tinnitus testing. Warble Tone, Pure Tone and 1/3 Octave Noise tinnitus tests are available.
AUDIO-CD -- A compact disc that tests hearing ability, right in the home. Great for monitoring changes in one's hearing (both TTS & PTS). Calibrators & Couplers
Allow for precise testing and calibration of SLMs, headphones, earphones and microphones.
CD-CHECK -- The essential tool in CD player evaluation, testing and maintenance. Use it to ensure 100% of sound reproduction. DED Digital Error Detector
Allows continuous monitoring of digital output signal and digital link from CD / DVD players, DAT recorders and other digital sources.
WWW-DFG web-based Digital Function Generator. Allows for precise generation of arbitrary test signals and sounds on the Web. DFG Digital Function Generator
Allows for precise generation of arbitrary test signals and sounds with a personal computer (NeXT).
WWW-Instruments web-based virtual instruments. Allow for very precise analysis of audio, acoustical and electrical signals from various mics, transducers and sources. Hearing Test and Audio Education Package -- Contains AUDIO-CD's, DR1-R Acoustical Coupler, Sound Level Meter, and a list of suggested experiments.
DSA Digital Speech Aid
The world's most advanced electronic device that helps people who stutter speak fluently and fast.
LaHave Audio Speakers -- world's most musical, audiophile-grade Hi-Fi loudspeakers, custom-manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada.
BIO-EMI -- a unique device which stimulates and protects ones' immune system against electromagnetic pollution Public Gardens CD with over 1440 pictures showing the beauty of the Public Gardens during Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Includes pictures after the Hurricane Juan.

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