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Regretfully all of us are immersed in electromagnetic smog. The scientific evidence is now overwhelming - electromagnetic smog has very negative effects on our body’s electromagnetic fields and our health in general.

Cell phones, microwave ovens, radio and TV transmitters, wireless networks, computers, electric appliances, underground water flows, all contribute to the smog. Even some of the electromagnetic fields produced by other living organisms in our surroundings are part of the smog. The electromagnetic smog is the greatest in large urban and industrial centers.

Minimize your exposure to electromagnetic smog as much as you can. As total avoidance is not possible use BIO-EMI for added protection. This small electronic device counteracts harmful electromagnetic fields and helps your own electromagnetic fields return to a healthy state. This is essential for proper functioning of the human organism and its immune system; both are important for optimal health.

Picture 1 - Aura without BIO-EMI

Picture 2 - Aura with BIO-EMI

Using a computerized system, Picture 1 shows a full-body aura of a person in good health but tired. The second picture, again using a computerized system, shows a full-body aura of the same person after the BIO-EMI stimulator has been switched ON and located at a distance of about 1m away from the person.

There is a remarkable improvement in aura shown just after a couple of minutes of using BIO-EMI. This is a vivid and objective illustration of how the BIO-EMI works.

Our Environment

We are influenced by electromagnetic radiation from natural sources such as the Sun, Earth itself and underground water flows. We are also influenced by radiation from artificial sources such as electrical or electronic equipment. Due to industrial revolution there are now many artificial sources of radiation. The electromagnetic fields are not only generated by such sources as industrial equipment and radio, TV and telecommunication systems but also by everyday-use devices including computers, TV sets, microwave ovens, cellular phones, and other wireless or poorly shielded devices.

The mixture of electromagnetic fields with various frequencies and intensities forms electromagnetic smog. Due to lack of sensitive detectors these fields are difficult and some even impossible to measure. Their negative influence, however, is known from many years of observations and experiments with living organisms.

The electromagnetic smog disturbs the proper functioning of the human organisms' electromagnetic processes. It disturbs the proper flow of bio-information which determines the proper functioning of the immune system. Due to the electromagnetic disturbance of low-level energetic states at the molecular level, hormones and enzymes which are regulating functions of all our internal organs, work less effectively. As a result, a disturbance of homoeostatic state of the organism occurs. In some cities levels of the electromagnetic smog grew by a factor of 100,000 in the last 30 years. It is no wonder that our organism have problems coping with that!

Sometimes a negative influence on human health can be caused by less known at the moment electromagnetic fields produced by other living things.

The influence of the electromagnetic smog can be difficult to observe. It can manifest itself as lowered immunity as well as problems with blood pressure, concentration or sleep. It can lead to changes in the composition of blood and the level of hormones. Women can experience irregular menstrual cycles and problems with conception and maintenance of pregnancy.

The electromagnetic smog also leads to decrease in life energy, frequent chronic and difficult to cure infections, vision problems, and headaches of an "unknown origin". Other symptoms include unexplainable tiredness often observed in young people who spend excessive time in front of a computer. If work at a computer causes tiredness and feeling of being unwell, then this is an indication that the electromagnetic radiation generated by the computer and/or its peripherals is overloading the immune system.

BIO-EMI Operation

BIO-EMI produces very weak electromagnetic fields with well-defined parameters. These fields eliminate or reduce the influence of harmful to health electromagnetic fields present in the environment around us. More precisely, harmful electromagnetic fields deplete due to forced emission certain molecular quantum levels (discrete energy levels in atoms and molecules) which are used by the immune system for communication. The electromagnetic fields generated by BIO-EMI, on the other hand, excite these levels returning molecules to their proper quantum states.

BIO-EMI Health Protection and Benefits

The BIO-EMI device improves the health supporting conditions of the human environment and is recommended for overall health maintenance. Electromagnetic fields produced by the device are optimal for the proper functioning of the immune system. In particular:

  • BIO-EMI eliminates or reduces the negative effects of radiation from natural sources including that from other living things. Thereby, it ensures healthy and sound sleep in almost any place.

  • In the case our organism becomes overloaded with radiation from artificial sources such as computers or cell phones, it is recommended to limit their use for some time. BIO-EMI will help to unblock the organism and bring back the proper functioning of the immune system.

  • The device creates optimal conditions for the maintenance of health and well being. It slows down ageing and contributes to longevity since an efficient immune system effectively destroys harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Their uncontrolled growth is responsible for many so called incurable diseases. The BIO-EMI device creates optimal conditions for returning to good health for those who are recovering from these diseases. The device is particularly useful for people working in large human conglomerations.

  • The BIO-EMI device is a milestone in the prevention and treatment of cancer and other diseases. It is capable of removing preclinical cancer states (not yet detectable through medical tests) and early cancers (in situ). It can lower the levels of cancer markers.

  • BIO-EMI increases effectiveness of cancer treatments. Its use is especially recommended during recovery from surgical procedures. It may reduce negative side effects of chemotherapy. The device significantly reduces cancer recovery time and lowers the risk of metastasis and tumor recurrence.

  • BIO-EMI is recommended in particular for people at high risk of developing cancer and those with genetic predispositions to cancer (cancer running in the family).

BIO-EMI is not recommended for people with severe auto-immune disorders, people with transplants (on immune-suppression drugs) and people with heart stimulators (since they have electrodes which could be rejected by a more active immune system).


BIO-EMI has a positive health effect within a two meter radius. It reduces the negative impact of electromagnetic smog within a ten meter radius. It is, therefore, recommended to keep this device close to the body (in the pocket, backpack or bag), as well as keep it close to the place of work, sleep and rest. The device can also be put directly on the body, in particular if one wants to stimulate a particular area or eliminate pain. It is recommended to use BIO-EMI on a 24-hour basis.

The BIO-EMI device meets all EU (European Union) standards for electromagnetic compatibility and safety. It does not interfere with other electronic devices. It is not a medical device. BIO-EMI produces electromagnetic fields at levels around 5 µW which are more than 100,000 times lower than fields produced by a typical cell phone.

BIO-EMI Testimonials

"When I started to use the BIO-EMI device I had been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. Latest medical examinations determined that I do not have any cancerous changes in my urinary/sexual tract. What is interesting is that all micro-cancers disappeared. I am healthy now. I am still under doctors supervision." 45 years old man, Europe.

"I had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. After some time the cancer returned. I then started to use the BIO-EMI device. In a period of 1 year the cancer disappeared. I am now totally healthy." 60 years old woman, Europe.

"4 years ago my son got cancer on his face and of the abdominal lining. On his face he had a growth the size of a plum and in his abdomen the growth was twice as large. He has been using BIO-EMI for a year now. During this time all the cancers have disappeared. My son feels well and attends school. On June 26, 2006, during a control test of his abdomen using ultrasound, medical doctors did not detect any cancers or pathologies." mother of an 11 years old boy, Europe.

BIO-EMI Origin

BIO-EMI is a unique, patented, fourth generation electronic device. It is the culmination of 30 years of research and development of a group of dedicated engineers and inventors from Europe.

Interested in buying BIO-EMI?

BIO-EMI is offered for $2,400 CAD plus shipping and handling and includes
  • 3-Month Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Payment Methods Wire transfer, money order
Transaction Currency Canadian Dollars ($CAD)
Order Fulfillment Within 5 business days from the day payment is received
Shipment World-wide; via Canada Post air mail

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