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Digital Audiometer is a computer software application for investigating hearing thresholds in a 0 Hz to 22,000 Hz frequency range. It runs on popular desktop hardware, including portable computers, and does not require any external or internal proprietary devices. It is very precise, easy to use and, due to the stability of digital circuitry, needs to be calibrated only once.

The new audiometer allows for a more accurate evaluation of hearing loss, auditory problems and capabilities. It is especially useful in fitting today's more advanced digital and semi-digital hearing aids.


  • fully digital and entirely computer-based; does not use any external or internal proprietary devices
  • easy to use
  • portable, if installed on a portable computer
  • allows for all standard audiometric tests
  • offers a choice of automatic and manual testing
  • stores all audio signals in digital format
  • offers high precision and consistency of measurements
  • offers stability of the signal
  • needs to be calibrated only once
  • tracks patients records, including patients audiological evaluations and audiograms
  • allows easy generation of patient correspondence and audiogram printouts
  • allows electronic exchange of patient records between audiologists or medical professionals
  • interfaces to popular statistical software packages
  • frequency range: 0 Hz to 22,000 Hz
  • frequency resolution: 1Hz
  • frequency stability: +/- 0.0001 Hz (at 1000 Hz)
  • S/N = 96 dB (in 16 bit systems)
  • amplitude resolution: 1dB
  • amplitude stability: +/- 0.0003 dB
  • no harmonic and intermodulation distortions


The Screening Audiometer is ideal for those who perform standard hearing tests in clinics, schools or the workplace. It should be of great value to audiologists, nurses and medical professionals such as ENT doctors.

Its parameters also make it an ideal instrument for research and teaching in the fields of acoustics, psychoacoustics, audio, electroacoustics, audiology and speech pathology.


A demo of the NeXTSTEP version of Screening Audiometer is provided in a NeXTmail format (166 kB). Press here to download the NeXTmail file.


Screening Audiometer is available for Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux and NeXTSTEP. To order please contact Digital Recordings directly.

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