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Digital Recordings offers a wide range of services.

Our clients include:

research centers
police departments
army & defense
courts & lawyers

Audio Recording, Editing, Duplication

  • Studio and location recording (analog and digital) of music, voice and other sources.
  • Digital Sound Processing (DSP) and editing.
  • Noise reduction, equalization and filtering.
  • Mastering of CDs, digital wave files.
  • Duplication/coping. Supported formats: DAT, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, reel-to-reel, compact cassette, MD (Mini Disc), digital wave files.

Sound Synthesis, Sound Effects

  • Studio and location recording of sound effects for radio, TV, movies, theater, etc.
  • Computer synthesis and editing of sound effects.
  • Computer synthesis of test signals (such as pure tones, multiple tones, warble tones, noise, narrow band noise, frequency sweeps, amplitude sweeps, etc.

Video Recording, Duplication

  • Studio and location recording (analog and digital).
  • Duplication/coping. Supported formats: 8 mm, Hi8 mm, Digital 8, DV, VHS, S-VHS, beta, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM.

Acoustical Consulting / Design

  • Acoustical and noise measurements / recording.
  • Noise evaluation and reduction.
  • Architectural and studio acoustical design and problem solving.
  • Design of acoustical devices and components.

Audio Consulting / Design

  • Evaluation and testing of audio components.
  • Design and installation of sound systems and audio systems.
  • Trouble-shooting and upgrades of sound systems.
  • Design of audio devices and components.
  • Consulting on various aspects of audio and available technologies and devices.

Live Sound Reinforcement / Entertainment Systems

  • Consulting on various aspects of sound reinforcement and technologies.
  • Design and installation of sound reinforcement and entertainment systems.
  • Operation of sound reinforcement and public address systems.

Acoustical and Audio Problem Solving

  • In cooperation with our associates and collaborators we are able to address and solve unusual and complex audio and acoustical problems. Please contact us with a detailed description of the problem.

Evaluation of Acoustical, Audio and Video Technologies

  • In cooperation with our associates and collaborators we can provide extensive evaluation and testing of acoustical, audio and video technologies for manufacturers, buyers, end-users and inventors.


  • Lectures in Acoustics.
  • Lectures in Psychoacoustcs.
  • Lectures in Instrumentation, Audio & Video Equipment.
  • Educational materials and CDs for courses in Acoustics and Psychoacoustics.
  • Educational software for teaching acoustics, psychoacoustics, audio, DSP and electronics.

Still Photography

  • Studio and location photography (35 mm analog and digital).
  • Digital Photography Processing (DPP) and editing.
  • Noise reduction, colour adjustment and filtering.
  • Mastering of CDs and DVDs with photographs.
  • Duplication/coping of digital photographs.
  • Artistic photography and model photoshoots.
  • Photo library of 12,000+ digital photographs.

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