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DSA (Digital Speech Aid)
Users' Testimonials

DSA, developed by Digital Recordings, is the most advanced Digital Speech Aid for the reduction and in some cases complete elimination of stuttering. The first prototypes of DSA were finished in May 1992. Initial clinical trials were conducted in Poland and their results were very exciting. The device met with good approval from the stuttering people. Here are some remarks from this early study:

  • Testimony from a speech pathologist: " ....I think that Digital Speech Aid (DSA) is extremely effective in the elimination of stuttering, even in cases of very severe stuttering. ....During my 30-years long practice as a speech pathologist, no technique was as successful. I believe that we finally have the green light for people who have till now problems with elimination of stuttering ...We are waiting very anxiously for DSA to appear on the market and become available for all stuttering people......" Halina Stawikowska, Speech Pathologist, June 04, 1992.

  • "....Speaking with DSA brought me big relief. I realized, that I can also speak like normal person, at relatively fast rate.All the sudden I got new surge of power.....This device helped me also in the inter-personal contacts. I am not afraid anymore !....It is fantastic to realize, that spoken word does not have to be "bumpy". Thank you , thank you, thank you !!!....", Anna Grudzien, 21 years old, June 05, 1992.

  • "... Speaking with DSA eliminates prolongation of vowels, speech becomes more fluent. ... Improvement is very good, much better then with the DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback). In my case it was particularly noticeable in the German language, which I am studying and in which I stutter much more often then in the Polish language. While reading in German, with DSA I did not stutter at all....", Jacek Szot, 24 years old, June 03, 1992.

  • "... I think, that use of DSA is relaxing.It is difficult to stutter. I could speak fast without stuttering. Normally I speak slow......", Prof. Antoni Stawikowski, Astrophysics, May 31, 1992.

  • ".... With DSA one can speak fast ,with any chosen speed. I went with this device to do shopping and I could speak very well.I am sure,that if I would have this device my speech will improve...", Lukasz Jaskolka, 15 years old, June 04, 1992.

  • "..... using DSA I feel, that I cannot stutter and I am not nervous. On the beginning, I did not believe that I can stop to stutter. After use of this device I got back my confidence... Stuttering people must always speak slow, however I am not used to do that.Using this device I can speak very fast.....", Emila Davidek, 13 years old, June 04, 1992.

  • "........ when I tried this invention I started to feel unconstrained, free, I am not stressed and I do not stutter.This device is very good..", Marek Struk, 9 years old, June 04, 1992.

The long-term effectiveness of DSA was tested in 1993-1994 in Canada. The initial results were very encouraging. As it was expected the effectiveness of the device did not decline over time. Below are some remarks from people who used DSA for a period of 3 to 10 months:

  • "....I am very happy with DSA. Used it day to day and my speech has improved 80 %. I have used DSA to speak at approx. twenty (20) meetings as I am president of a Legion in Dartmouth, N.S......I recommend DSA 100%....." John Dunphy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, November 18, 1993.

  • " experience with DSA for past 7 months has been good....In past years talking on the phone was my reason to be nervous to speak to people. With DSA I now find it to be no problem to answer a phone and have a normal conversation. I recommend DSA for anyone with a speech stoppage and stuttering." John Dunphy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, March 25, 1994.

  • "Overall the device has been very helpful.....I have improved the most on the telephone; I would often avoid words, but with the device I hardly stutter....I am not as apprehensive about my stuttering as before and my speech has improved a great deal. I have also noticed an increase in my self-esteem since wearing the device.....I feel more confident in speaking situations and do not avoid words.... For the first few weeks (3-4), my speech was improving at a steady rate. At about one month, my level of fluency seemed to level off and I have maintained the same level of fluency since that time...." 25 years old female stutterer, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada November 18, 1993.

  • "...Over the course of a few months, I became very comfortable with the speech device (DSA). ...I have less apprehension with "feared words" and stutter quite a bit less than before using the device. My confidence in speaking has improved over the time I used the device and the "carry-over" time has also increased. My fluent speech will last sometimes half a day without the device." 25 years old female stutterer, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, December 19, 1993.

  • "The DSA machine has really opened up a new world for me. It has provided me with a new sense of freedom now, by allowing me to speak without fear, of so many things. The most significant revelation is being able to use the telephone and call people and places I haven't been able to.... The DSA has given me so much comfort in my speech and day to day life by gently allowing me to speak and say words that I have avoided for many, many years. It is truly a great invention and a miracle for someone like myself who felt I would spent the rest of my life hiding from many situations." Lori Paruch, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, January 14, 1994.

  • "When I first began to use the DSA I noticed a dramatic increase in my fluency when speaking especially on the phone.....It has been so wonderful to have the freedom of not being afraid to use the phone, to call to make appointments etc.....My life has changed now since I have used is a wonderful machine to use." Lori Paruch, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, April 04, 1994.

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