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Customers' Testimonials

The following comments have been made about the CD-CHECK product:

  • "Digital Recordings' CD-CHECK is an outstanding tool for checking the quality and serviceability of CD-Players. Although its specially encoded test signals are extremely sophisticated, it requires no special training and/or equipment other than a good set of ears with which to operate. Highly recommended ! " Robert Thompson, reviewer, "The $ensible Sound" Magazine, USA

  • "Wow CD-CHECK is exactly what I have been waiting for ! Fantastic ! So easy and fast, it's great" Jeff Liem, Atlantic Photo Supply Ltd., Canada

  • "I've always thought that error-correction abilities were underemphasized in high-end CD-player reviews. As I see it, if the digital data isn't read correctly in the first place, no amount of D/A magic will make it sound right ... I'd really like to believe that this superior error-detection scheme will catch on ... I've become quite fond of CD-CHECK. The test is so simple and quick that I can get good results in a matter of seconds ... CD-CHECK offers an unparalleled CD-player evaluation tool. Nothing else I know of works quite as well for really ferreting out which players correct errors well and which don't." Greg Smith, reviewer, "SoundStage!", the high-end audio magazine, USA

  • "I tried the CD-CHECK and found your system to be very simple to use and interpret. Consequently, I would not hesitate to recommend your system to anybody who is looking for a quick and easy method of testing and/or evaluating a compact disc player" Tom Hayman, P.Eng., acoustician, Canada

  • "Overall, I found this product to be remarkably easy and fast to use." Terry Deveau, Seimac Ltd., Canada

  • "CD-CHECK allows tracking of performance and or lack of it unlike any other product to date ! This has been a valuable aid and will continue to be extremely useful" Joe Posiak, Peak Audio, Canada

  • "The CD-CHECK has shown itself to be an invaluable tool for problem analysis in the shop, as well as a diagnostic for a quick & dirty comparisons between competing machines" Ralph Hogdson, Peak Audio, Canada

  • "CD-CHECK is well worth twice as much as other similar products while costing half as much. Marvelous !" Mike Merrigan, Peak Audio, Canada

  • "I had a chance to check out the CD-CHECK today and loved it. I tested 5 different units and got varied results that were a bit surprising.The school (Conservatory of Recording Arts) where I"m on staff wants to buy one already. So it's a hit.....I've used it and I highly recommend the product." Kevin Becka, musician, sound engineer, teacher & reviewer, USA

  • "CD-CHECK is one of the most innovative products that I have seen in 20 years in the computer hardware field. It is an essential addition to every CD owner's tool kit." Reg Hody, K-PC Ltee, Canada

  • "CD-CHECK mercilessly exposes the differences between CD players. One of our CD players seems to work OK with most (but not all) CDs. It tested very low on CD-CHECK. I wish all my digital equipment could be checked as easily and precisely as my CD players can be with CD-CHECK. At PUT IT ON CD one of our problems is how to guarantee our CDs will play on all CD players. With CD-CHECK we could provide a guarantee that our CDs will play properly on any CD player that meets minimum standards" Reg Macmichael, Put It On CD Manufacturing, Canada

  • "I am working in the area of AI-based processing of audio data. Consequently, I cannot rely on subjective evaluation of CD and CD-ROM fidelity. Your valuable tool (CD-CHECK) helps me to accurately determine the reliability of my data sources. I noticed that similar CD-ROM players can have much different capabilities in the domain of error correction. It would be almost impossible to determine it without the tool you have prepared." Prof. Andrzej Czyzewski, Sound Engineering Dept., Technical University of Gdansk, Poland

  • "Your new CD-CHECK evaluation disc has already proven itself to be a wonderful, quick and reliable resource for our store in evaluating trade in's and new products that we receive often from our suppliers for evaluation. We highly recommend your CD-CHECK for any audio store, manufacturer or importer." Steven Budovitch, Glubes Sound Studio, Canada

  • "Not since the introduction of the Dennison Protractor have I found an audio set up tool as impressive and useful as the CD-CHECK. What the Dennison did for turntables the CD-CHECK disc will do for CD players. I've been in the Hi End Audio industry for 25 years and I am regularly called on by customers to tune up their systems. The CD-CHECK will now permanently be added to the battery of tools I use to do this job. Congratulations to the folks at Digital Recordings for a truly spectacular product. I won't leave home without it." Gary Harrington, Audio Consultant, HARRINGTON AUDIO, Canada

  • "CD-CHECK was able to quickly and efficiently determine the source of our DVD mastering problems. Its ease of use and low cost made this one of the best purchases weve ever made. It has probably saved our company and our clients hours of frustration and extra costs. CD-CHECK has become an integral part of the daily calibration and maintenance of our DVD and CD hardware." Jeffrey R. Fish, President, Filet Post Production, Canada

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