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Customers' Testimonials

The following comments have been made by those who have purchased or used AUDIO-CD.

  • " DIGITAL RECORDINGS' new CD the "AUDIO-CD" is a brilliant step forward ...."AUDIO-CD" is extraordinary and a most ingenious solution to making universal hearing testing cheap, reliable and effective....It makes the testing of hearing a simple home project which can be to the benefit of many people who suffer from partial hearing loss due to noise in the workplace or very loud music during their recreation. DIGITAL RECORDINGS is to be congratulated on taking advantage of modern technology in this ingenious way." Prof.Hugh Jones, H.W. Jones and Assoc., England

  • " The quality of the stimuli is very good and the procedure to find HTs is very clever (my colleague - Dr. Brad McPherson - used the word 'ingenious'). Clearly, given the limitations of testing someone's hearing on his/her own hi-fi at home, it would have been very difficult to find an easier procedure to use." Dr.Valter Ciocca, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  • " I was playing with your CD last night and I am very impressed by it... it is the rare opportunity for everyone, to become active participant of hi-tech development process, instead of being a passive consumer." Dr.Nikalai Maltsev, Instrumar Ltd., Canada

  • " This AUDIO-CD is based on solid research work and uses many clever ideas allowing to make testing both very accurate and very easy." Dr.Bozena Kostek, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland

  • "We just received your AUDIO-CD. My colleague - Erik Eknes - has a lot of experience with hearing threshold testing. And he was very skeptical. But after having tested your CD he is now very enthusiastic ! " Dr.Rolf Kahrs Hansen, OmniTech AS, Norway

  • " I am very impressed by your work .........The kind of test signals you chose seems very well suited for this test! Results between 100Hz and 10kHz were very well reproducible (+-1dB). All in all I find this a very good product and congratulate you for this development." Dr.Martin Opitz, AKG, Austria

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